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Corporation and LLC Formation

GFS              Business Services Include Corporation and LLC Formation

A corporation or an LLC by legal definition is a separate business entity which entitles the specific entity to certain financial and legal advantages over a sole proprietor. Most noteworthy as a business planning instrument these entities can build separate credit files which are uneffected by the credit status of the principals. Surprisingly enough due to lack of knowledge and the options this affords sole proprietor business owners many do not take advantage of the benefits of these legal entities. Corporations and LLC's can also purchase vehicles, real estate, loan other business entities money and enter into contracts with minimal liability and credit risks to the principals.

It is also a fact that the vast majority of business loans granted to sole proprietor business owners result in the lowering of the FICO scores dramatically of the principal's individual credit due to the fact that the history of the loan will be documented on the principal's credit bureau files! This alone should be motivation for a sole proprietor to form a new Corporation or LLC as the borrower for a business loan or line of credit to maintain the principal's credit scores from dropping.

Furthermore, if you are in a high risk business limited liability against lawsuits and building asset protection is vital in today's "lawsuit happy" world and is another major benefit of incorporation or formation of an LLC. GFS often recommends that we form either of these two entities for your business and we are capable of performing this services quite reasonably in any of the 50 states and providing you with the correct consulting to select the appropriate entity for your unique situation. For more information on our corporation and LLC formation services click here (insert corporation and LLC information only from the "Corporate - D&B Business Package" attachment).

At GFS we are not just concerned about obtaining your financing - we are concerned about your short term and long range business growth. Forming a corporation or LLC and proper business planning is essential in today's economic environment and at GFS we realize that every Client's needs are unique. At GFS we offer you the business acumen, experience and vision to correctly advise you on how to reach your financial objectives in the shortest possible realistic time frame while preserving your assets.

Why place your financial future in the hands of "dignified telemarketers" that advertise their services as brokers or processors and make unfounded claims of immediate financing. Proper business planning and consulting is what separates GFS from the pack of "brokers". Make your loan request a part of your "business financial health" and allow the professionals at GFS to correctly analyze your business needs, structuring and growth objectives before a loan application is submitted.

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