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Commercial Collections

We are not like any other collection agency because we deal with high end receivables that require extensive business knowledge and proper negotiation skills.


We are  not like any other collection agency.
We deal with high end receivables that require extensive business knowledge of your situation and the negotiation skills to handle it.  Hence, this is a negotiation process and we have over 50 years combined expertise in negotiations.  We specialize in collection accounts that are over $10,000 and require a sophisticated and polished collection representative who understands the business.

Our rates are among the lowest in the industry.
Depending on our preliminary free review of your collection situation, we will quote you a specific fee which may be a flat fee due upon successful collection, a percentage due us if we successfully recover your monies, or a retainer credited towards successful collection percentage fee.

We preserve your business reputation.
If you want to continue doing business with the debtor you ask us to collect from, we pay special attention to specific details and legal requirements to keep the status of your business in good order while aggressively pursuing your recovery.

Top payout on collected funds in 10 days. 
The majority of collection agencies will pay you by the end of the following month if your funds are collected by the 15th of the prior month.  At Global Funding Solutions we pay you within ten days of clearance of all checks received by the debtor.

No lengthy contracts required.
Our services can be arranged on a monthly basis, or a long term basis, based on our analysis of your situation.


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