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Everyone, whether an aspiring entrepreneur or an established successful operation, experiences business problems when least expected. Now there is an expert to seek immediate advice from. We offer customized individual telephone consultations for emergency and non-emergency business matters. Often the solutions are not as complicated as you may think and there may be several ways out of any given situation for you. You need sound, expert advice to find out what is right course of action for your business. Our experts can assist you by detailing every possible option available to you so you can accomplish your short and long range goals. Contact Global Funding Solutions today and let us put you in contact with one of our specialists for expert and cost effective advice and strategy regarding::

For those in the know - the name of the game is CASH FLOW! If you are having cash flow problems, need immediate capital, or investors, we can help. Our financial experts know business and what you are going through. They can help you develop a solid game plan to raise capital or pinpoint the exact cause of your problem and develop a customized system to put your business back on track. If you are having financial trouble, need to preserve your assets, reorganize your business, or get out of business completely, our bankruptcy department of competent attorneys and paralegals can guide you through the process of Chapters 7, 11, or 13. We specialize in corporate as well as individual and sole proprietorship matters.



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