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Global Funding Solutions, is located in Beverly Hills California and is a business consulting firm that offers services in the fields of financing, general business consultation, asset acquisition, credit consultation, merger and acquisitions, debt solutions, and lines of credit. We are not investors or lenders nor agents of investors or lenders. If you go to a consulting firm that is an agent of someone else, you will never really get a completely candid view of your situation. We offer a completely honest appraisal of your current situation and needs and can help you find the solutions to problems you may have. Our experts work on your behalf to find you the best solutions possible.

Many businesses routinely hire outside consultants to perform various services to enhance productivity. Fortune 500 companies hire outside consultants on a regular basis for an unbiased view of their companies business plans. Often in business, you can get so close to a situation that you don't always see it from an objective view. We can help you see your company from a realistic point and help you overcome any shortcomings we may find. Often, the solution to a given situation is not as complicated as you may think it is. There are many alternatives open to your business and only someone who really knows you can help you find the one that is right for you and your business. That's what we do. At GFS, Your success is the bottom line is not just a slogan, it's how we do business.

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